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#1 2006-10-05 10:31:12

From: Germany
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VentriloSpy sponsors you!

Hi all,
i have decided to sponsor 10 clans/guilds/communities with the advanced spy.

This service will be available in the near future and features a lot of advanced stuff for the ventrilo monitor.
Usually this service costs around 10/year, but now sites clans have the chance to get their hands on it for free!

Sneak Preview
The Advanced Spy features:
- live server status (no caching)
- user history
- server statistics
- advanced display options
- xml feeds
- VentriloFlash Development API
- email message when server is down

Please apply by posting here with some information on your clan and website, or by sending me an email.

Good luck.


#2 2006-10-27 14:07:36

Registered: 2006-08-14
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Re: VentriloSpy sponsors you!

Hi There, yes would love to participate in this.

We are a Condition Zero clan called "The Old Zombies" (TOZ)

Our website is (in swedish)

Best Regards
TOZ | Mr P.G


#3 2006-10-28 11:59:43

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Re: VentriloSpy sponsors you!


First of all, I had major trouble signing up to this forum since that image with "the dark area" doesnt appear at all on any of my 5 windows boxes using internet explorer. All I see is a tiny white pixel wich only leads to an error when I click it.
I had to install firefox to be able to register myself properly...So there is definetly an incompatibility with internet explorer browsers.

Anyways, I am glad I've made it and I would like to kindly ask for sponsorship.
We are a gaming community established in 1998, using ventrilo for 3 years now.
Our website can be found @

Thanks for your time and effort!


#4 2006-10-29 02:45:18

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Re: VentriloSpy sponsors you!

My clan would like to be involved in this. We our a community that plays many games and also hosts smaller clans. We our a big fan of the VentriloSpy and Nanospy projects. We are based in the USA but have members from all across the world.   We average between 30 and 50 people in Ventrilo daily.  Our main website is and our supported clans web sites are , and Thank you for this opportunity.

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#5 2006-12-01 11:29:32


Re: VentriloSpy sponsors you!

I'm the leader of a young counter-strike source clan. We are currently in no leagues, since were practicing full time. If every thing goes well, well be entering leagues next year. We also currently have one 20 slot server, and a community vent server.


xfire: nggaxplz

Clan Site

#6 2006-12-01 20:57:21


Re: VentriloSpy sponsors you!

This is a Great idea just stumbled appon your services by google searching but im curently using it. Would like to try out the advance spy would be happy to put a link to your site also. Im with the Multy gaming clan Ghostsquad we play a large variety of games from all BF series to World of Warcraft curently we are under construction on our site but its comming along you can visit our site

Thanks for your time... and awsome work so far.

#7 2006-12-02 13:05:37

From: Germany
Registered: 2006-05-14
Posts: 159

Re: VentriloSpy sponsors you!

Hiya all interested ones,
sorry i havent been posting in here for some time.
The advanced spy is still in development but most features should be working now.

The problem is, with all that site crashes it wouldnt make much sense to introduces a paid service...
Im still trying to figure out what crashes the apache. Loads have decreased significantly since the last updates, but the page also gets more and more hits (which is totally ok with me), but increases loads again

Will possibly rent a whole new server only for this page, that could solve the issue.
Stay tuned for more updates.



#8 2007-04-19 02:05:49


Re: VentriloSpy sponsors you!

Hi, I just started using ventspy today, and I love it so far.

If this sponsorship program is still in effect I would love to let you know a little info about my Guild.

It's called Iron Circle, and it's a World of Warcraft Guild, on the PvE server Llane.

feel free to check us out.



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